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Thursday, Feb. 24th - Delayed Opening at 10:00 AM


Our Educational Programs

True education goes much beyond mere accumulation of knowledge, so common in today’s traditional educational systems. Knowledge should be shared and applied to its best use towards the betterment of the human condition and the environment around us – only then can it be called Wisdom. The establishment of Wisdom in turn requires the development of solid character, together forming the basis for a fruitful, prosperous and happy life.


The basic principle in the Montessori Philosophy of Education is that every child carries within him/herself the inherent abilities, qualities and skills to reach his/her highest potential – to develop his/her intellectual, physical and spiritual powers to the fullest.


The aim of Pflugerville Montessori is to help develop young children into individuals of outstanding academic and professional caliber, yet, with an equally outstanding character, who are sensitive and responsive to the needs of the environment around them. We want our children to become human jewels. This objective is achieved through the use of major world-renowned educational, academic and character-development philosophies.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Ballet & Tap

  • Soccer

  • Piano

  • Coding

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