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Feedback From Parents

Dear Pflugerville Montessori School ;

Our son had been at a particular school and had changed teachers about four different times. We heard nothing but good things about The Pflugerville Montessori Schools, so we checked it out and talked to our neighbors that their kids came there as well and were very happy with things. We knew that going to this school, things would be different and he would get a better education than just going to a regular daycare facility. He has learned a lot from this school and has gone into Kindergarten with things that you would not typically learn until later in school. We recommend this school to anyone and appreciate all the help of the teachers with our son.

Thanks, Charlie & Patricia L

Dear Pflugerville Montessori School ;

Pflugerville Montessori School is a phenomenal school!! Having my three children attend this school is the best educational decision I have made for them!! The school has a wonderfully diverse group of teachers, staff, and students. The teachers are highly skilled, trained, and engaged. The teachers and staff are very professional and caring with all of the children in the school. The curriculum is amazing! I found it incredible the amount of information that was being taught and the amount of learning that was taking place at the school. All of the children (not just mine) learned not only how to read (most at advanced levels), but the children were also taught reading comprehension. The teachers also taught the children math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry), science (biology and botany) , world geography (continents, countries, and capitals), writing, and social and practical life skills. My children are currently in elementary school and have all been placed in an advanced enrichment program. I credit Pflugerville Montessori School with laying the educational foundation for my children and preparing them for a life-long passion for learning. Thank you Pflugerville Montessori for providing my children with such an excellent education!!

Regards, Katherine

Dear Pflugerville Montessori School ;

“Sanskrithi was in Pflugerville Montessori for 2 years. This was the 1st school she went to. After a few months of adjustment ,she started enjoying her time at school. The teacher and staff made learning fun for her. During her 2nd year of school , she really enjoyed taking the lead and teaching the younger kids [which is what Montessori is all about] . First teachers make a big impression in life and thanks to the teachers and staff who made a big difference in her life

Sanskrithi’s parents.

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